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Failure is an Option!

“Failure is an Option”

So many times when you’re accustomed to being successful and others are depending on you, there is a fear of failing.

Where does the fear of failure come from? I’m glad you asked. Oftentimes, it’s the fact that people have always looked up to you or had expectations for you to do well. If you’re someone who has always been a high achiever, it is even harder to accept failure. Is it pride, shame, or the simple fact that you don’t want to fail plain and simple?

Regardless of any reason, someone who is accustomed to achieving high marks must be open to learning from their failures!

My philosophy and credo is: “Nothing beats a failure but a try” (I’m not sure where I learned this from, but I believe that it is appropriate for this particular blog).

As I sat last week in St. Luke’s Health Initiatives TAP Talk about “Failure Fest”, it gives me great relief to know that:

  • Failure is normal

  • Failure is subjective

  • Failure is a part of the process

As an entrepreneur at heart, my mantra has become: “If at first I don’t succeed, try, try again but make sure that I understand the lesson to be learned”.

Yes, it is important for the person/organization that fails to Celebrate Failure as a way to learn.

One of the most amazing lessons that I learned at the TAP Talk is that it doesn’t matter how big you are, you are subject to failures. And, it’s the things that we don’t know that are subject to kill us.

One way to learn from your failures is to: “Design for Success”. Review policies and practices. Look at what’s working and what’s not working? In business, attract and retain the best people. Communicate often and be clear. Completely change your work habits if they’re not conducive to moving the needle in a successful way.

One of the most memorable quotes for the day: “I’ve not failed; I’ve just learned 10,000 times over that won’t work” – Thomas Edison.

Remember that time is important. Please be sure to “Redeem the Time” ~ Ephesians 5:16a

Blessings & Success in your journey!

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