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Canyon Corridor Community Festival

Canyon Corridor Community Festival

“Bailar Conmigo”

A day to celebrate community – at the community festival held on October 17, 2015. It was a celebration of neighborliness. Rehoboth CDC is focused on increasing neighbor engagement.

Do you know the name of 3 people on your street?

Most often, residents don’t know who lives next door. The sense of neighborliness and resident interaction is a critical component to a healthy community. Community coming together to share life is a beautiful thing; and that’s just what we did at this year’s festival. With approximately 200 attendees, we were able our lives with each for an afternoon.

Despite the temperamental weather and threat of rain, the show went on. The event included local entrepreneurs in Zumba, DJ/music, a small dance company and independent artists. One of those artists was a young painter who performed spoken word and produced a live painting. The image is of planet earth and the mixed-culture face of a woman; symbolizing our global community of Canyon Corridor.

The event drew volunteers from Alhambra High School, nonprofit partners, City of Phoenix representatives and others. “It’s cool just to see how we all live together” said on high schooler in a video interview (video will be posted soon on our website).

Nonprofit partners provided information and services on housing rights, library services, and animal control/care. Residents were able to receive these services and connections to resources because of the event.

Thank you to our supporters! We look forward to providing more activities and services to the community as we move the vision forward of healthier and safer neighborhoods.

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