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Cheers to T.I.M.E. & The Success of Susan Edwards

T.I.M.E. (Time Initiative to Mentor Entrepreneurs)

T.I.M.E. participant Correnthia Lewis-Cryer of Pearls of Wisdom Outreach
T.I.M.E. participant Correnthia Lewis-Cryer of Pearls of Wisdom Outreach at RCDC End-of-the-Year Celebration 2022.

Rehoboth CDC aims to provide fundamental business concepts to current and future small business owners by providing comprehensive training and mentorship. Matching grant funds will be available to participants in this program; more information to come. Some topics taught include time management, business structures, and help to determine if opening a business is the right choice for aspiring entrepreneurs. The training sessions help participants strengthen entrepreneurs' managerial, technical, and financial skills to operate a business successfully. These topics are delivered by successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders and are designed to set businesses up for success.

Those interested in participating in future TIME sessions, contact Blanca Arredondo at 602-541-9354,, or complete RCDC's Interest Form.

Susan Edwards at RCDC End-of-the-Year Celebration 2022
T.I.M.E. participant Susan Edwards of Suzzy Q's at RCDC End-of-the-Year Celebration 2022

The Success Story of Susan Edwards

Rehoboth CDC has helped many people gain knowledge on how to run a successful business and strategies for long-term success. Susan Edwards began her journey with RCDC as a TIME program participant and is now a VITA volunteer helping to prepare taxes for low to moderate-income individuals. We are honored to capture her journey of passion, determination, and dedication in building her empire. She was born in Trinidad and later moved to London, where she was raised as a teenager. Susan moved to Arizona in 2018 and believed she had a higher purpose. She found her passion for producing flavorful food! And just like that Suzzy Q's was born. Suzzy Q's is a Hot 'N' Tasty Caribbean Pepper Sauce & Marinade that Susan birthed and began selling locally. Susan emphasized it was like her fourth baby. As she tried to become the best version of herself, she became proactive and looked for places that offered services that would elevate her business and as a professional.

Through her search for business-building tools, Susan found the TIME program with Rehoboth CDC. She completed a 10-course series that would propel her personal and professional skills to the next level. She received a wealth of information that was valuable to her business. The Time Business program provided comprehensive training and mentorship. Through her search, Susan was able to get consistent and reliable guidance. Approaching the pandemic, Susan felt that her business became difficult to sustain. She described her challenges in becoming a business owner as necessary to grow.

Suzzy Q's Marinade Sauce
Suzzy Q's Marinade Sauce

The past two years were difficult for Susan and her business, but she never gave up in the midst of a Pandemic. Handwork and perseverance, along with the tools learned along the way, have helped her to elevate and grow her business. She is now pitching her business to everyone so she can continue to grow. You can contact Susan via email at and by phone at (609)-903-8345.

"Keep trying because we are dead when we give up."

- Susan Edwards


End-of-the-Year Celebration

As the year came to an end, Rehoboth CDC hosted the End-of-the-Year Celebration on Saturday, December 17th, at Grand Canyon University. The celebration was in recognition of our wonderful volunteers who committed their time and effort to the Rehoboth CDC Community. The T.I.M.E (Time Initiative to Mentor Entrepreneurs) program invited dedicated participants who had the chance to pitch their businesses. Each of them had their own booths and was able to spread the word. Over 60 volunteers, board members, and guests showed up to celebrate and show support. There was an opportunity to network and mingle, enjoy good food from one of our T.I.M.E. participants' catering companies (Thermy Therm's Cafe), and celebrate the impact made as a community. Guest Speaker De'jan Johnson gave words of wisdom and brought inspiration to all. Rehoboth CDC appreciates everyone who celebrated with all of us as we closed 2022 with a bang! We look forward to working alongside new and existing volunteers and participants in 2023.

RCDC End-of-the-Year Celebration guests.

B. Arredondo S. Brabham G. Relf M. Henley R. Garzola J. Arrendondo

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