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COVID-19 Pandemic Emergence

Are you wondering how you will emerge from this pandemic? Do you have a plan? Did you know that Rehoboth CDC provides life-changing Financial Wellness workshops and free Tax Preparation for low-to moderate income individuals, families, and micro-entrepreneurs.  We are here to help! 

In 2021, Rehoboth CDC will provide Financial Literacy Workshops to help individuals/families build wealth and not debt. Our Small Business Development Workshops will offer flexibility and include opportunities for business owners to take one workshop or all workshops, based on their specific needs. Look for our emails and check our website for updates. 

Rehoboth CDC‘S goal is to emerge stronger and better together in partnership with our community partners; as well as alongside our clients ~  #WearAMask #WashHands #SocialDistance #Commitment #Compassion & #Collaboration 

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