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What's New with Rehoboth CDC

~Ground Breaking in Early November~

It was a beautifully brisk morning, on November 4th, 2022 that Rehoboth Community Development Corporation (CDC) in partnership with Gorman and Company hosted an historic groundbreaking ceremony on the corner of N. 27th Avenue and W. Hazelwood Street in Phoenix, AZ. Gwendolyn Relf, CEO (Rehoboth CDC), expressed the power of collaboration and collectivism as the community hallmark and proudly hosted the event to celebrate a new chapter in the Canyon Corridor community. Attendees felt the pride, love, and determination it took to arrive at this highly anticipated occasion radiating throughout the event by all of those who spoke.

This event brought people together from Rehoboth Saints Center/CDC's tight knit community as well as funders, and City and State Housing department representatives. Residents and community members came out to show support for the organization that continually serves the community and supports others to create equitable, healthy, and sustainable communities.

Dr. Jonathan Logan offered a prayer of thanksgiving for this much needed affordable housing development and the many entities working together to bring this project to fruition. Jeff Spellman (VIP Community Leader), Christian Solorio (AZ State House of Representatives), Sally Schwenn (AZ President, Gorman), Dave Brown (Home Matters), and Pastor Wesley Relf (Rehoboth Saints Center) all gave words of inspiration and how the project will impact the Canyon Corridor community for year's to come.

A special thanks to all of the funders who helped Rehoboth CDC in our efforts: Arizona Department of Housing, Berkadia Investments, City of Phoenix Housing Department, Flagstaff & JP Morgan Chase Bank, Home Matters, and Rehoboth Saints Center Church.

Rehoboth Place II will feature 66 high quality, affordable rental units for individuals and families along with supportive services and resources to improve the quality of life for all of its residents.

Fun Fact: It took 144 trucks to fill in dirt around and above the storage tanks. This was all done before the groundbreaking so that guests were able to experience the site for the ceremony.


~ Hazelwood Safety Spooktacular GAIN Event~

Rehoboth CDC hosted its annual Halloween Spooktacular event on October 29th, 2022. It was an event in collaboration with the Rehoboth Staff and the Hazelwood Block Watch to bring the community together for a spectacular time. The spooktacular event brought about 180 people together to promote safety and connectivity as a community. Families and individuals from all over the community and the local police stopped by to enjoy the fun and get to know one another. The time flew by as participants stopped by resource tables, participated in cake walks, enjoyed a costume parade and contest, and so much more. The endless support of the Rehoboth community and its children was what made the event successful from start to finish. Thank you to all of our sponsors who made this event possible.


Welcome Rachelle!

My name is Rachelle Garzola and I am a Public Ally (a service branch of AmeriCorps) working in partnership with Rehoboth CDC. Public Ally's is a national movement committed to advancing social justice and equity. I am the Communications and Volunteer Strategist this year at RCDC and look forward to helping to build capacity for the organization. I am from the Sunshine state, the beautiful Miami, Florida. After recently graduating from the University of Florida, I decided to spend my gap year serving communities across the world and be able to make a tangible impact. Rehoboth CDC has welcomed me with open arms and has shown me what true determination really is. Engaging with Rehoboth CDC and pledging to serve and increase the impact of the organization and its mission motivates me to help others and continue to serve my community in Florida when I return home.

Be on the lookout for opportunities to serve as a volunteer! I look forward to meeting you.

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